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Cupcakes of Hope

As a mother, I can’t imagine anything worse than being told that one of my children has cancer …. except maybe realising that I can’t afford the treatment which is the only chance my child has of surviving!  Of course, nothing would stop me! I would do anything, sacrifice anything, in order to give my precious child the best chance possible at life .

Cupcakes of Hope ( ) is a non-profit organisation which raises funds to help families of children who are battling cancer.  For the first time this year (on Saturday 29 September 2012) Capetonians got the chance to get involved as well.  This is my story:

Despite battling with my own ill health, I was moved to volunteer for this worthy cause.  I’m not a good baker, but I am good at selling stuff, so I signed up to help turn all the gorgeous, scrumptious cupcakes (donated by others) into money for these families in need.  The other “Cupcake Angels” set up our stand in the Canal Walk Shopping Centre at 8am so that they were ready to sell from 9am.  My shift started at 2pm.  Before I got there (bearing in mind that ALL the cupcakes were donated and they’d already been selling them for 5 hours) I expected to find a pretty empty table.  I couldn’t have been more mistaken!

Four large trestle tables were laden with gorgeous cupcakes of every colour and flavour … and there were 3 shopping carts full of boxes of cupcakes which had not even been unpacked yet!  The generosity & creativity of every single baker really exceeded my expectations.  Business was brisk … yet, as soon as a spot opened up, one of the Cupcake Angels was ready to take up the space with yet another beautiful creation.

The absolute highlight of the day (for me) happened courtesy of a gorgeous blue-eyed, blond haired little boy.  He was approximately 18 months old and was deliberately sucking on a pacifier, whilst comfortably ensconced in his mother’s arms.  I spoke to his parents and explained to them that all the cupcakes were donated and we were all volunteers, so 100% of the money donated would go to help the families.  His dad gave me some money and I just knew which of the hundreds of cupcakes would be just right for this little boy …. Cookie Monster!  As soon as I showed it to him he smiled from ear to ear.  Out popped the pacifier and he reached out for the cupcake.  I still feel “warm & fuzzy” inside when I remember the twinkle in his eye and his delighted smile!

We kept turning cupcakes into cash until the last possible minute … and still had enough cupcakes left over to donate to the needy!  The time just flew by. I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to do my small part for this very worthy cause.  

We have already raised nearly half a million rand without counting a couple of other sites and corporate sponsorships!

Spending my Saturday afternoon connecting with other people wh犀利士
o share in the desire to help others …. priceless!

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